Our theme of the months is ABCs (assessment, behavior, curriculum). The curriculum piece is pretty overwhelming. It’s overwhelming because as special education teachers we are often left the major task of creating our own curriculum. Many of our students may need to focus on more foundational learning and concepts. With my learners who need to build vocabulary at the basic level – I always turn to the vocabulary units. They are simple, straightforward, have a consistent layout and structure, and are easy to setup. I love having one for every holiday and season because I can switch up the content but keep the presentation the same which works super well for a lot of my learners. The Fall Vocabulary Unit includes a set for Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Football.

I really love the variety this resource gives me. My kids that need matching can match pictures and my guys that are learning sight words can match word to pictures. The writing stage is completely differentiated as well. I have tracing, matching letters, writing words, or writing letters in small boxes. #alltheoptions

The area where this unit really shines for me is the vocabulary page and data sheet. The data sheets has these super amazing teeny, tiny visuals that make it oooooh so easy to take data! You can quickly track corrects and incorrect for both receptive or expressive language. I love the guide on top. It’ perfect if you are having paras take data to use as a quick reminder.

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