Sequencing is a tricky skill to work on but a skill that is so essential to build vocabulary, time awareness, and cognitive skills. Working on sequencing will lead to increased use of prepositions, more detailed writing, and use of more complex adjectives! The key to teaching the skill of sequencing is multiple examples and generalization. It’s all about the practice, practice, practice and applying the skill to every day situations. These Fall Themed Sequencing File Folder Activities are perfect to target this skill and your guys will love working on them with the seasonal theme!

I even thought this for my academic kiddos. We do the file folder together and then they write about each sequence. You can so easily adapt this for higher or lower levels. Some kids write a sentence for each picture and end up with a  paragraph for each sequence and other kids expand it out and end up with a narrative for the whole sequence. It’s a lot of fun!

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