Late at night – okay it was 8:30 but sometimes that is late for me – on TpT Sale Eve, I threw up one last addition to my sale. I had this all sitting on a flash drive from my work computer for about a week but unfortunately my couch and Gold Rush marathons (I know… embarrassing what I will watch on tv) won in the battle with doing work on my laptop. It was done to the wire getting these little puppies up and I’m happy I did. I use these goal sheets and data forms all the time! These goal sheets pay homage to my days working with in-home ABA therapy. I loved how detailed they wrote goals, mastery criteria, and the methods. It’s nice having these to refer to and you can use these when training a paraprofessional to run programs.

Let’s take a peek:

This packet includes goal sheets and data forms for receptive and expressive letter, numbers, colors, and body parts identification. So receptive means hear the word and identify the item. Expressive means see the item and say the name. Both are important!

For each area I have a painfully detailed goal sheet. I included one that is completely filled in with suggested mastery criteria, wait time, and sets of exemplar. But of course, that might not work for every student so there are blank ones as well!

Here is expressive color identification:

and the blank version:

and then the corresponding data sheet:

This packet includes all of this for each area – letters, number, colors, and body parts. These are awesome goals to work on with your students who are lower functioning or in early childhood programs. These forms and sheets would fit perfectly into a fluency station. You can use discrete trial instruction to learn new targets and conduct fluency timings on previously mastered items. (pick it up TODAY while it is still on sale!)

Since I am a certified data nerd and on a mission to convert you ALL. Be sure to check out some of my other data posts!

Oh and by the way did you Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing a Cyber Monday + Tuesday sale (insert sarcasm here). My whole store is still on sale! I pick up a crapload of fun goodies yesterday! I also actually did some other excellent Cyber Monday shopping for Christmas presents – but that’s besides the point. Basically I spent all evening with my laptop securely glued to my lap. Anywhoo make sure to leave all your feedback so you can earn points and swoop in for a second round today! Bahh, crazy right.

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