Thanksgiving is over and it’s time to start planning December activities.  Today is a great day to take advantage of the Cyber Smile Sale on Teacher Pay Teachers and get this 3 new adapted book set which includes “Let’s Build a Gingerbread House!”, “Where is the Present?”, and “What is Santa Doing?”.  Use the promo code SMILE and save an additional 28% but make sure you do it today because the sale ends at the end of the day!

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“Let’s Build a Gingerbread House!” focuses on color concepts, number concepts, and different candy items.  For this book the students have to find the correct color and candy item and then attach the correct number of those items onto the gingerbread house.  For example, “put 3 purple hearts on the gingerbread house.”  The student have to find the purple hearts and add 3 hearts onto the house.  I know this book has a lot of pieces to cut out but I think the students are going to enjoy decorating the different gingerbread houses.

“Where is the Present?” targets the prepositional concepts “above”, “under”, “beside”, and “on”.  I used these same prepositional concepts last month in another adapted book but changed some of the prepositional terms.  For example, I used “under” instead of “below”.  This is great to work on these different prepositional concepts and target some seasonal vocabulary terms.  The students also have to match the correct present for each page.  The students really have to focus to visually discriminate between all the different style presents.

Where is the present set up

Finally, “What is Santa Doing?” focuses on the students identifying different action verbs which describe the Santa picture.  For this book the students have to listen to what Santa is doing such as “dancing to music” and find the correct Santa picture to match the description.  There are 8 different action verbs for this book.


The book also target sequencing skills.  There are 2 sequencing question pages which you could attach in the back of the book to review what Santa did in the correct order.  The first sequencing question page focuses on what Santa did 1st-4th and the second sequencing question page focuses on what Santa did 5th-8th.  Another option is you could attach the 1st -4th sequencing question page after what Santa did 4th and have the students only focus on remember 4 actions at a time.  Then attach the second sequencing question page 5th-8th at the end of the book.  Have the students look back in the book to help answer the questions.  There are different places and ways you can incorporate the sequencing question pages into the book.

what is santa doing sequencing 2

Hope your students have fun with these books!

Sarah The Speech Helper

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