In this endeavor towards academic based independent work we want to target all areas of our needs for our students. We also want to make sure learning is functional – especially for our older kids. I hear teachers all of the time getting frustrated because they don’t know to make literacy, CCSS, school based curriculum etc. functional and meaningful for their students. This topic we are talking about today is that perfect combination of academia and functional. This concept is essentially important for your students to get a job, live alone, and be a meaningful member of society. But it’s also literacy based so booyah. Today let’s explore learning and mastering calendar vocabulary in my Day and Month File Folder Activities!

Practice Makes Perfect!

When it comes to difficult vocabulary, it’s all about repetition. I created these file folder activities to give my students the extra practice they needed for learning calendar vocabulary. Whether they needed to work on matching the words or abbreviation – there is a little something for everyone in this pack!

I love when a concept can transition almost seemingly from my lower functioning learners who need to work on the basics to my more advanced students who are ready for a challenge. Calendar vocabulary works perfectly here. I can have some students practice matching and basic ordering and then really come in heavy with the tricky stuff like matching the word dates to the number dates or filling in missing days/months. #notbeafraidtochallengeyourstudents

These tasks are beyond perfect for morning circle or morning meeting time because it’s going make learning interactive and hands-on. Hands-on is so KEY. Not because it sounds “good” but because if it’s hand-on it means your students’ hands are doing something. When your students’ hands are not doing something take a wild guess how that works out? That’s when the naughtiness creeps in. So keep the hands busy! Get them engaged!

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