What is the AHA Curriculum?

The Autism Helper Applied Curriculum is a customizable curriculum for individuals with autism and special needs. The advantage of the AHA Curriculum is that it can be tailored specifically to meet the needs of your classroom. No two children with autism are alike so we know that the needs of each classroom can be drastically different. We offer the flexibility of creating your own curricular plan that will meet the IEP goals of your specific learner levels.

We have broken down our resources into 3 levels of learners A Level 1 learner is nonverbal or has limited verbal abilities. He is working on mastering foundational skills in order to move on to more complex material. His goals may include matching, sorting, letter and number identification, and counting. A level 2 learner has emerging verbal abilities. He has mastered basic skills and is working on more abstract concepts. He is working on foundational literacy skills, basic number operations, and simple social skills. A level 3 learner is verbal but may struggle with complex expressive/receptive language. He is working on more advanced topics such as higher level grammar skills, extended writing, multi-step mathematical concept, and sophisticated social skills.

How should I use the AHA Curriculum?

The AHA Curriculum is a customizable and flexible curriculum. No two children with autism are the same and the needs each classroom will be very different. In order to allow for complete individualization, you can pick and choose which products are right for your students. We don’t offer one massive all inclusive bundle because it’s important to create a package that is customized for your class.

Determine where each of your students fall within the three levels of learners. Click on the Levels above to view different resources for each level. I recommend having at least 10 resources for each student or group of students in each level. (ie. if you have 1 student at Level 1 – you should have at least 10 Level 1 Resources and if you have 4 students at Level 2 – you should have at least 10 Level 2 Resources). I recommend at least 10 resources that are diverse among the subject areas. Ten resources is the bare minimum to cover a variety of subject areas and ensure that your students are generalizing skills and not getting bored. However – the more resources, the better! The more resources you have for each student, the greater variety of learning opportunities they will have!

How can I get my school to cover the costs of the AHA Curriculum?

As a special education teacher, we are often faced with the burden of creating a complete curriculum for our multilevel classroom. Often times textbooks are not the right fit for our students. Utilizing the Autism Helper Applied Curriculum can help relieve some of this burden. We have a wide range of curricular resources that will fit the diverse needs of your students.

Some schools or administrators may be willing to cover the costs of this curriculum. Approach your school administration  about this.

Once your school approves covering the costs of the AHA Curriculum, here are the steps you need to follow to get a Purchase Order. The process can be a bit longer than purchasing products in the traditional way. I recommend choosing an extensive selection that will last you through the entire school year to avoid going through this process multiple times. Make it worth it!

  1. Determine which levels your students fall into according to the AHA Curriculum Levels. Go through the product gallery and select the products that will suit your classroom needs. Add each product to your cart.
  2. Determine the total cost of the products. The minimum cost for a purchase order is $20.
  3. At checkout, select Purchase Order payment tab. Fill in your school’s information and click submit.
  4. Download and print the TpT cover sheet. This form is only intended to be used as a quote, this is not an order confirmation. Your order will be confirmed once it is successfully processed. This sheet will be linked there once you select Purchase Order.
  5. To process your purchase order, you must submit two documents:  TpT Purchase Order cover sheet. Please also write your school’s purchase order number on this sheet. This form has your pending online order number (IPON), generated by TpT and unique to each cover sheet. Signed purchase order from your school. This form must be signed by your school administrator; please use a form provided by your school or district. Your school may also require a W-9 form from TpT. 
  6. Once you have both documents ready, send them to us by one of the following methods. Please send them together to avoid delays. All orders are subject to credit approval. Email: purchaseorders@TeachersPayTeachers.com (recommended; this is the fastest method) Fax: 914-881-905 Mail: Teacher Synergy LLC PO Box 81319, Springfield, MA 01138-1319
  7. Once the Purchase Order is processed, you will receive an email confirmation telling you that digital items are available for download on your My Purchases page on TeachersPayTeachers.com.
  8. An invoice will then be sent to the school or district as well as the listed billing contact. Schools then have 30 days to send a check for payment.

Please reference Teachers Pay Teachers FAQ regarding Purchase Orders and contact them for any further questions. Although this may be more effort – it will be worth it for a big order full of curricular materials!