With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Cupid, Cupid What Do You See? is the perfect adapted book for the upcoming holiday.  Cupid, Cupid What Do You See? targets color concepts and number concepts 1-6.  The book is easy to set up.  Place one piece of hard Velcro in each candy jar on all 12 jar pages.  Cut out all the boxes with different number of hearts and place a piece of soft Velcro on the back.  Store the heart pieces on the grid page which can be attached to the right side of the final page.

Cupid Book Page 1

The students have to find the correct color and number of hearts to go in each candy jar.  This makes it a little more challenging than just matching picture pieces in the book.  Before I start reading the book, I direct the students attention towards the heart pieces page.  You can even fold the pieces page to the back so they only can see the heart pieces and not the jar.  I review the different color hearts and even count how many hearts are in a box to model for the children what they need to do.

If you are reading the book in small groups have the students take turns finding the correct heart piece to go in the jar.  There are many different ways to adapt the level of difficulty to meet your students needs.  Some students might be able to read the book themselves and select the correct heart piece from the entire grid pieces page.  For other student you can always narrow the visual field to 2-3 different heart pieces.  For example, “I see 3 purple hearts.”  You can give the student 2 very different choices such as the correct piece of 3 purple hearts and the piece with 6 pink hearts or if you are focusing on number concepts you can give them a choice of 3 purple hearts or 5 purple hearts and focus on the student counting the hearts in each box to correctly identify the piece with 3 hearts.

Cupid Book 2

Next week I will be cooking in speech.  My students will be either making Valentine Shakes, Valentine Freezes, or Valentine Floats.  I have different groups making each recipe.  I’ll give you more information about each recipe next week.

Here are some other books I like to read to my students in February.  Happy Reading!!!!

Valentine Books


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