Compliments make you feel all warm & fuzzy.

And let’s be real. Who doesn’t like warm & fuzzy? I love been told I look that my outfit’s on my point, my behavior plan was impeccably written, and my color coding sharpie system is pure genius. Compliments are my jam and I’m not afraid to say it. So heck yea I developed a system for my kiddos to compliment each other. Let’s spread the warm fuzzies all around. Your kids will love it!

This resource is the bomb because it allows all of your learners – verbal or nonverbal – to join in on the fun. Students can work on social skills, name/face recognition, and basic color & clothing vocabulary. Students will pick a friend to compliment and hand them the visual complimenting card. For added practice, the student can then answer some questions about the color of this friend’s clothing!

Snag this resource: Complimenting and Greeting Visuals. Included are instructions for editing the product to add in your students’ names & photos. This is a classroom favorite. Kids love anything with photos of them and their friends! Also included is a template for creating visual greeting cards. I love these for my students who are nonverbal or have limited verbal abilities for interacting with their classmates and teachers!

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