A little teeny area I have been slacking on – social studies. I had all of these big plans for monthly social studies units. And I have but I am a little behind. September into October we rocked some geography. In late October into November we stayed up to date on current events with our election unit. Then… hmm… Something happened. I don’t know. Maybe I blame Thanksgiving or Christmas. We were suddenly overloaded with cute and adorable seasonal activities that social studies got ever so politely shoved out of the wagon. Oops.

New year, fresh start. I finished this Community Workers Unit in the knick of time and my guys are already loving it! Let me share everything included in this 76 page packet of fun!

Vocabulary/Definition Flashcards:


Adapted Book:


Worksheets for matching, writing, sorting, and more!

worksheets from unit

Community Workers Bingo with 2 levels of playing cards:

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 6.38.55 PM

I have, Who has? Community Workers Game:

i have who has

Here is the video product preview:

Here is a video tutorial of the adapted book included:

Check it out on TpT!


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