Social Skills

Complimenting and Greeting Visual

And let's be real. Who doesn't like warm & fuzzy? I love been told I look that my outfit's on my point, my behavior plan was impeccably written, and my color coding sharpie system is pure genius. Compliments are my jam and I'm not afraid to say it. So heck yea I...

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Game Review: Simply Fun

We love a good game in my room. The kids are distracted at the oh-so-exciting notion of a "game" that couldn't possibly be "work" and this teacher just is excited to sneak some academics in. Simply Fun has some of my favorite games of all time. Their games are...

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Social Thinking

I'm a big follower of Michelle Garcia Winner and her Social Thinking Creation (  I'm looking forward to spending the rest of the week attending the Chicago Social Thinking Conference with Sasha.  I have attended her conferences for the past 3 years...

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