Social Skills

My 5 Favorite Games for Working on Social Skills

Scattergories is a fav. You can make it easier (use your own categories and not the ridiculously hard ones they give you) or harder (by using those ridiculously hard ones). I put a major social skills twist on this game by putting kids in small groups or partners....

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Using Visuals When Teaching Social Skills

Visuals help our students understand their world. They help gives cues of how to act, where to go, and what to say or do. It's no surprise that visuals can be immensely helpful when teaching social skills. Visuals can serve not only as a method of communication but...

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Complimenting and Greeting Visual

And let's be real. Who doesn't like warm & fuzzy? I love been told I look that my outfit's on my point, my behavior plan was impeccably written, and my color coding sharpie system is pure genius. Compliments are my jam and I'm not afraid to say it. So heck yea I...

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