Including Cooking, Expressive Language and Receptive Language

Summer Treats & Snacks Visual Recipes

Whether you are trudging your way through the final days of the school year, embarking on an epic summer school journey, or getting yourselves nestled in for a fun summer home with your own babies - it's time for some fun. It's time to loosen the reigns, let your hair...

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Why Bingo is Forever My Favorite Game

The TpT Teacher Appreciation Sale is May 9th & 10th! Grab all Autism Helper resources at 28% with coupon code THANKYOU17. Happy shopping! If you've been hanging around The Autism Helper for a while you know I have a soft spot in my heart for a good ole' bingo game....

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My Game Closet: What’s Inside?

I love a good board game. I loved them as a child, love them as a teacher & clinician, and even love them as an adult at a game night 😉 Today I want to share some of my tried and true favorite games. My caseload has been extremely varied over the years so there is a...

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ABA and Social Thinking

During my open Q&A Facebook live in December, the topic of Social Thinking came up and what my thoughts are on ABA and Social Thinking. I engaged in some immediate escape behavior and told everyone I would write a blog post on it. It wasn't that I didn't want to...

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How to Use Social Stories to Target Social Skills

Social stories are an effective intervention to use for a variety of behaviors including social skills. Each story describes a situation and then scripts the appropriate response. I love that social stories tell my students what to do as opposed to what not to do. For...

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Incorporating Social Skills Into Every Activity

Social skills are not only the job of the SLP or social worker. Sorry, my friend, but you aren't off the hook. Most of our learners struggle with social skills. Social skills are very important. However, we can't just take a break from math or literacy to work just on...

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