Including Cooking, Expressive Language and Receptive Language

Fruit Fun!

This week I’m working with my student on identifying and naming different fruits.  We read the “I Spy Fruit” adapted book which I shared about last week.  The students had to select the correct fruit to match the given color description.  This helped the...

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How to Prepare for a Community Trip

Woohoo! You are taking a community trip! Awesome. You are going to have so much fun and your student will have a great learning experience. Now before you head out the door there are a few must-dos! Even though this isn't your traditional "field trip" like going to...

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Advanced Cooking

If you teach older students or students who are working on more grade level academics, you may be thinking that cooking isn't going to work for your class. Oh how wrong you are my love. You can adapted cooking activities to include high level skills like...

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Summer Treats & Snacks Visual Recipes

Whether you are trudging your way through the final days of the school year, embarking on an epic summer school journey, or getting yourselves nestled in for a fun summer home with your own babies - it's time for some fun. It's time to loosen the reigns, let your hair...

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