Commenting Visuals for Students Who Are Nonverbal

When we have students who are nonverbal or have limited verbal skills, one of the first types of communication we work is requesting items. This type of communication is innately reinforcing because the child gets something they want and it’s functional because the child now has an effective method to access items. But sometimes we get stuck here. If we only worked on requesting items, our students may likely know 3 PECS pictures: “I want,” “candy”, and “iPad.” If you’ve got candy and an iPad you are pretty much set for life. But let’s push our kids beyond this. Let’s use visual communication for more than just requesting. This little resource has been sitting in my store for a while and recently I have been super obsessed with it. It’s like a communication work task and I love it. 

This resource – Commenting Visuals for Children who are Nonverbal – will help students who struggle with verbal language comment on their environment! Go beyond just requesting items and use picture communication to engage in more complex communicative responses! This resource includes communication systems to engage students in commenting behavior in both the natural environment and through contrived teaching tasks! Students will create complete sentences using visuals such as “I see green grass” or “It tastes yucky.”

Included in this resource:
– Outside Commenting Board
– How Does it Taste Commenting Board
– Counting School Supplies Commenting Board
– Identify Small/Large Animal with 22 Flashcards
– Identify Colored Clothing with 18 Flashcards

I love that this resource can work for both contrived situations and the natural environment. Bring the How does it taste? and What do you see? boards with you to the cafeteria or playground and work on commenting within the real world. Then use the counting, size, and clothing boards to practice contrived commenting. These are like communication based work tasks. It’s super structured and repetitive! 


Check out the whole resource in the video product preview!


  1. LOVE this resource! I’ve had it for ages and use it on a daily basis with most of my non-verbal students. They love the structure of it and it actually calms them on days when things have gone a bit “wonky”. Thanks so much!

  2. So great to hear you are enjoying this resource! I love the structure too. Definitely helps bring things back on track! 🙂

  3. I have this product and it is so amazing. I am using it in a variety of ways. One of my students has so much fun using these.

  4. So great to hear!

  5. How do I get this resource? I did not see a place to order?


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