I’ll admit it guys – I hate homework. Hate it, hate it, hate it. My first year teaching homework was so far off my radar that I don’t even think that word was in my vocabulary. Sometime in my second or third year teaching some super well-meaning parent asked me when I planned on starting to send homework home for her soon. I probably looked at her like she had five heads. “Homework? Ex-squeeze me?” Crap. Time to figure out how to cram creating appropriately leveled homework for 9 very, very, very different students, you know, in all that free time I had. I spent a long time in the homework hell-zone as I like to call it. I’d prep a whole bunch and feel really great about myself and think I had bought myself a whole bunch of homework worry free time and then 4 days later my kiddos would pop unexpectedly into my face announcing that they were out of homework packets already. Double crap. This wasn’t working.

Then one summer a few years ago, I got ambitious. I was determined to fix this homework situation. I was gonna fix it. And I was gonna fix it good. Enter my Leveled Homework Bundle. Three levels, one page per week, and lasts the entire year – it’s perfection in one (massive) PDF.


"Having homework ready to go for the entire school year is the most amazing feeling."

After using this in my own class, I was beyond excited to share this with the world. Every class I consult in, this is one of the first big suggestion. Our jobs are busy. Hold up – our jobs are SO BUSY. We need to be efficient. We have so much that we need to work on that we can’t waste time. Having homework completed for the year is amazing. Especially when that homework is structured and routine based so your students can actually do the homework. This homework packet follows the same sequence each week on purpose. Our kids can easily learn the structure and learn to complete is on their own!

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