I am constantly talking about my need to make things more easy and efficient. My opinion is – if you can do it easier or quicker – why wouldn’t you? We are busy enough – there is no need to add more hoopla on our ever growing plate of things-we-need-to-get-done. One thing that can take forever is setting up PECS schedules. And we all know that by the end of a booger covered, haven’t sat once in my desk chair kind of day – the last thing on your mind is setting up tomorrow’s schedule. Sometimes by 3:00 I can’t even remember my name, much less whether we have art or music tomorrow morning. All I’m thinking about is making a beeline for my couch, the DVR, and heaping glassful of wine. So let’s make it easy. Give yourself a cheat sheet so setting up schedules is a breeze.

Last year I made these cheat sheets:

IMG_1340  IMG_1336IMG_1338

Little mini schedules! – so you can glance and easily set up the schedule. Check out the post here.

Another super easy way is to take actual photos of the schedules set up how I want them. Then I just printed the picture and taped it into the inside of the binder schedule. It takes two seconds and is so helpful.

The Autism Helper - Schedules

I just glance at the picture and can easily set the schedule up for tomorrow.

The Autism Helper - Schedules

This makes my afternoon post-school set up so speedy that I am snuggled up on my couch in no time! 🙂

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