Articles from Expressive Language

Receptive Category Cards!

I’m always working on categorization and building up vocabulary skills with my students so I created these Receptive Category Cards.  Previously, I created Category Cards in which the student is given a card with 3 items on it and needs to name the category in which...

Let’s Go Fishing – Sorting and Counting Activities!

I was sent these 2 new activities from Lakeshore Learning that I have been using recently with my younger students – Let’s Go Fishing Sorting and Let’s Go Fishing Counting.  I know you could use these activities in the classroom during center time but I have been...

Time Preposition Task Cards!

Need to work on time concepts?  Check out these new Time Preposition Task Cards I created to work on those tricky “in”, “on”, and “at” time concepts.  I created 2 sets.  Level 1 has visuals to pair with each sentence.  Level 2 has some of the same sentences as Level 1...

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