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Free Download: Ice Cream Sundae Visual Recipe

For my end of the year celebration with some of my classes the special education teachers and I are having our students make Ice Cream Sundaes.  I know it is not the healthiest but it is the end of the school year and my students deserve a little treat (you could...

Veggies with Hummus and Ranch Dip!

After learning about fruits and vegetables all last month I wanted to do a cooking activity related to my theme.  We had so much fun making hummus and ranch dip to eat with lots of different vegetables.  It was a perfect end to our fruit and vegetable unit. I created...

Advanced Cooking

If you teach older students or students who are working on more grade level academics, you may be thinking that cooking isn’t going to work for your class. Oh how wrong you are my love. You can adapted cooking activities to include high level skills like...

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