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Talking to Parents about AAC

Bringing up AAC with parents is not always easy.  Sometimes parents do not always know what types of AAC systems are out there and how using different AAC systems can help increase their child’s communication with others.  There are often a lot of myths associated...

Including Core Vocabulary When Teaching and Using AAC

Let’s take a look at the difference between core and fringe vocabulary terms and how they impact AAC use.  Fringe words are often easier to teach because you can picture the item in your mind; however, core words are going to be more flexible to use across...

Focus on Five: Using a Communication Station for SEL!

I created a communication station in my classroom about two years ago. Communication is a key part of social/emotional learning (SEL).  What my communication station consists of is a large print core communication board and a few other TAH communication products with...

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