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Whether you are a new teacher ready to get started on your classroom or a veteran teacher looking to freshen things up – check out my Seven Steps for Setting Up a Stellar Autism Room. Start with Organization & Planning next on to the Structure, Schedules, Visuals, and Data. Then finish up with Work Tasks & Curriculum and Communication.

Lesson Planning and Curriculum Maps

Special Education may pretty much be synonymous with paperwork. Oh the paperwork. That godawful paperwork. Not only do we get the special privilege of doing IEPs, transition plans, progress reports, reevaluations, behavior plans, transition plans, extended school year...

IEP Goal Materials

Time to reference that beautiful list of IEP goals you made earlier. You will likely need a decent amount of materials to target these goals. This could be a pretty hefty task right now but once you make materials for these goals you will have these resources forever....

How to Use Visuals Purposefully and Effectively

We are big time bossy pants. We are. It’s in our nature. We can’t help it sometimes. Think about how often you give a verbal direction in your classroom. Almost constantly. Think about all of the things you say on a daily basis and make sure you have...

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