Including Data, Interventions, Organization, Schedules and Visuals

Staff Management Jump Start

I originally titled this post Staff Management Quick Fixes and then realized how ridiculously misleading that was. One - quick implies do it once and you are done and with working with your staff it needs to be something you do all year long. Two - fix...

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Schedule Based Token Boards

Token boards are a classroom essential. They provide a means of giving students reinforcement without constantly have cheetos or iPad breaks. Students work for a preferred item and earn stars or tokens along the way. I am really excited to shared these schedule based...

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Teaching Staff to Take Data

The goal of this month is routines and reinforcement. One of those important routines to teach is the routine of taking data. The teacher isn't the only one who should be taking data in the room - the whole team should be. While your students are still...

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Preference Assessments and Pairing

When I do behavior trainings, I always ask people to raise their hand if they would still come to work if they no longer got a paycheck. There is usually a kind soul that meekly raises their hand (or wants to look good in front of administrators), but...

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Where Do I Even Start?

Whether you are 1 day into the school year or on day 22, whether you are a first year teacher or tenth year teacher - we sometimes are faced with this question, "Where do I even start?" Maybe the way you started the year wasn't so great. Maybe you class is...

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Focus on Five: Benefits to Using a ~Token Economy~

Schedules, curriculum, visuals…there are so many things to remember when setting up for the school year but, don’t forget the one thing that will help make your classroom run smoothly…a token economy! There are lots of benefits to setting up a token economy in your classroom. Using a points system has been successful for the majority of the students in my classroom. Here are five benefits to having a points token economy system in your classroom:

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