Where Do I Even Start?

Whether you are 1 day into the school year or on day 22, whether you are a first year teacher or tenth year teacher - we sometimes are faced with this question, "Where do I even start?" Maybe the way you started the year wasn't so great. Maybe you class is...

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Focus on Five: Benefits to Using a ~Token Economy~

Schedules, curriculum, visuals…there are so many things to remember when setting up for the school year but, don’t forget the one thing that will help make your classroom run smoothly…a token economy! There are lots of benefits to setting up a token economy in your classroom. Using a points system has been successful for the majority of the students in my classroom. Here are five benefits to having a points token economy system in your classroom:

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Start of the Year MUST DOs

The start of the year is intimidating. Whether you are a first year teacher or a tenth year teacher, there is a lot of pressure on those first few weeks of the school year. You want to clarify your expectations. You want to be firm but fun. You want to outline your...

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