Whether you are already sitting in seemingly never ending start of the year PDs or have a few more weeks of netflix filled summer bliss, the start of the school year is coming towards you. This is my favorite sale of the year because you can stock up on all of those great goodies to make sure your school year not only starts out amazingly well but it continues with the same level of success.

TpT Back to School Sale! Use coupon code BTS2017 for 25% off on 8/1 and 8/2!

My advice for this sale is to stock up on those big, bad resources that you will last you all year long! Check out my newest resources as well as some of my oldie but goodies 🙂

Science Leveled Daily Curriculum

I have been working on this basically all year and am so freaking excited it is finally done and done.The 3 levels of this curriculum target everything from basic body part identification to more advanced concepts like photosynthesis. There is a little something for everyone if you teach a multi level class. Similar to the LA and Math Curriculum – this resource includes rubrics, pre/post tests, anchor charts, data sheets, and a curriculum map. Learn more here: Science Leveled Daily Curriculum. 

Social Studies Leveled Daily Curriculum

And the best friend to Science is Social Studies. Again this curriculum is thorough, lasts all year, and includes all of those important teacher goodies that we need! This covers everything from personal info to map features to continents to ancient history. I used to really struggle to squeeze science and social studies into my day so these are such a must have. It would be a perfect para-run station or afternoon group work! Learn more here: Social Studies Leveled Daily Curriculum.

Language Arts and Math Leveled Daily Curriculum

Check out the original two curriculum packs. If you looked around at these, now is the time to grab them while they are on sale. Learn why people are giving this kind of feedback to these resources: “I can’t even tell you how happy this makes me.” “Life saver!” “LOVE LOVE LOVE this program! I have seen huge progress in my students since using this!” “THIS IS AWESOME! and worth every penny!” “When people ask me how I prepare to teach 9 students on 9 levels with no prep and I direct them to these resources.”  You absolutely won’t regret this purchase! 🙂

Check out the Language Arts and Math Leveled Daily Curriculum!

Also, check out what else is new:

Communication Based Work Tasks

I am so excited about these! It’s work task boxes with a communication twist! These are a must have for your higher level students or targeting more complex skills. Refresh your work task boxes for the new year! 🙂

Wh- Question Task Cards

We ALL probably have a student on our caseload or in our class who has a goal related to answering IEP goals. These task cards are perfect for quick practice at the end of an activity or even an independent task. You’ll be using these all the time!

I Spy: Fruits and Veggies 

Sarah’s newest addition to the I Spy Book Series is maybe my favorite one yet. There are 3 books included in this set and they all target using inferencing skills to identify the correct fruit or vegetable!

Association Task Cards

These will be another “I can’t stop using them” kind of resource. There are so many important vocabulary based concepts that you can target using these cards and the quick and ready to roll format will make them a classroom favorite.

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