Assessments are essential to incorporate into your classroom setup because you want to get some data in the start of the year. Doing assessments early in the year is great because you get to see all of that amazing growth. You will get a true baseline because you have had a chance to work on any skills yet so you can get an idea of exactly what you are working with! I like to create a simple assessment tracking form so I can stay on top of what assessments I am giving throughout the year and when I am giving them.


There a lot of assessments you can use in your classroom. My recommendation is always to try to use the same assessments as your students’ general education peers – if possible! This will help you participate in grade level meetings, have a basis for comparison, and make inclusion easier. If those assessments would not make sense to use and would not be accessible to your students – use something else. My favorite assessment for basic skill is the ABLLS. I have tons of posts about the ABLLS – get a basic rundown here.

In my fluency mega pack, I have a simple baseline tracking form for a variety of skills. This helps me determine where to start my students on fluency instruction and see progress through the year!

It’s important to create a system for organizing your assessments now. The start of the year is the perfect time to get the system set up. Check out the video of my assessment binder:

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