Blast from the past! Last year, I shared what was in my assessment binder. This year, I’ve been helping teachers replicate this system because it worked SO well for me! My assessment binder was nearly 8 inches thick of uber important info. When I pull out the binder, it’s a little intimidating because it’s so freaken’ heavy and large. But having all of my assessment info in one spot was a lifesaver. When it comes to IEP writing time, parent conferences, grading periods – bam. You’ll be ready to roll!

First up – I have my Language Arts and Math Assessments from my Leveled Daily Curriculum. I have a page protector for each student. One top I have the Grading Data Sheet and behind it I have the grading rubrics for each unit. Each month, when I’m ready to do my pre and post assessments – I grab the assessment binder to score the tests and add it to the grading data sheet. Look at all that pretty growth over there on the right! 🙂

In the Reading Level Section, I use this tracker to track student progress on guided reading levels. Then I have a page protector for each kiddo to store all past assessments.

In the Spelling section, I organize all of my Words Their Way Spelling Assessments. I have a page protector for each kiddo with the tracking page on top.

Other sections include an ABLLS section for all of my ABLLS assessment pages, Fluency Tracking, and a section for our state mandated standardized tests. Having everything in one place makes my life SO much easier!

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