Brrrrr……Now that the weather started to get cold it was a perfect time to work on winter animals.  This past week in speech my students and I read I Spy Arctic Animals and made Penguins.

I did this book and craft in small groups of 2-4 students during my speech therapy sessions but this would also be good for teacher table time.  I start off reading the I Spy Arctic Animals book by pointing to the words as I read the top phrase “I spy with my little eyes….”  then I move to the next line “an animal that has antlers.”  The students take turns identifying which animal matches the description.  This is difficult because the students don’t have a visual to help identify the correct animal.  For some of my students when it was his/her turn, I gave them a choice of only 2 animals.  Sometimes I also had the students name the other animals on the page just to practice some of those not as common animal terms.

I Spy Book 2


I Spy Book 3

Penguin Time!

After we finished reading the book we made penguins.  You can have the students cut out all the pieces for the project or just some of the pieces depending on skill level and time.  For example, in my preschool I had all the black ovals cut out but I had the students cut the white ovals out for the belly.  That way they could work on requesting scissors and practice those important fine motor skills without being too much cutting.  With my other students, I had them cut out the black oval, white oval, orange feet, and orange beak.  First, glue the white oval on the black oval for the penguin’s belly.

Trace the students’ hands in orange for the penguin’s feet.  Cut out the hands and add them to the bottom of the penguin for his feet.

There is a lot of requesting during this project.  Whether your students are verbal or non-verbal, he/she can work on those requesting skills.

Penguin AAC

Finally add 2 eyes and 1 beak and the penguins are all ready!

So Cute!


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