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I really like the book Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington so I created some pictures to pair with the book along with different comprehension questions and an apple craft.  This is a great therapy lesson as we start getting ready for the Fall.

Here is how I set up the book activity.  I placed a small hard piece of Velcro on each set of pages.  So pages 1 & 2 will get a Velcro dot, 3 & 4 a Velcro dot, 5 & 6 a Velcro dot, etc.  You can see which picture goes on each set of pages by using the question sheets.  I laminated all the book pictures and placed soft Velcro on the back of each picture.  I store the pictures on the Book Pictures Grid Page.  This makes it easy to see all the pictures.

Apple Book Picture 1


Apple Book Picture 2

The structure of the activity varies depending on level of my students.  I read one page at a time and I stop after each page for the student to find the correct picture to match the book page.  For some of my lower functioning students, I give the student a choice of only 2 or 3 pictures while other groups I may present all the pictures for the student to scan and determine the needed picture.  For example, for the first page I read: “Annie is an apple farmer.  She has a big orchard of apple trees.”  “What is Annie’s job?”  I wait for my student to find the farmer picture and if he/she can I have the student say “farmer” or “she is a farmer” depending on his/her language skills as the student places the picture on the book page.  For pages 7 & 8, I have the student find the “apple cider” picture to identify what Annie makes to drink with the apples.

Annie Book Picture 3


Apple Book Picture 4


I use both visual questions and written questions while reading the book or as a follow up activity after I finish the story depending on my students’ ability.  Sometimes I read a page of the book and have the student answer the question on his/her sheet that corresponds to the page I just read.  This often helps with my students who are working on comprehension skills but have difficulty retaining information or need immediate reinforcement.


After we finish reading the book and answering the questions I have the students make paper plate apples.  This simple craft works on following directions, requesting, color concepts, and turn taking if you are having the students work together and share the glue and other materials.  First, I have the students request a red piece of paper either verbally or using a voice output device.  I have the students rip the red paper into small piece.  This works on those fine motor skills that our students often need.  Sometimes I just give the students a small piece of red paper to rip so they have to request more paper multiple times to get enough for his/her apple while other students I  work on having the students count all the pieces of red paper.  After all the red paper is ripped, the students glue the small pieces of red paper onto the paper plate.  Then you can have the students cut a long green rectangle piece to glue on the top for a stem.


I think the apples from my students turned out really cute and are a great decoration to my classroom.


Apple Craft 5


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Sarah The Speech Helper

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