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Work tasks are the backbone of any well run classroom. You need them just as much as that venti coffee on a rough Monday morning (what Monday mornings aren’t rough…). You need work tasks because unfortunately cloning has been perfected yet and you can’t be in 27 places at once wrangling your students into doing what they should be. So your kids that aren’t working with you need to be doing something. And they need to be doing something that is that perfect combination of not too easy, not too hard, and not too fast. There is nothing worse than placing a huge pile of work (that probably took you hours to laminate and cut) in front of a kiddo thinking you have a good 15/20 minutes of occupied time ahead of him and you literally blink 3 times and he has finished it all. We need work tasks that are time consuming but still challenging for our higher functioning students. This year I did a big refresher on my work tasks before my maternity leave. The love child of this endeavor is my Advanced Work Task Mega Pack. It’s jam packed (no pun intended) with 22 work tasks that will engaging your more advanced worker bees and provide you with more than 17 seconds of independent work time.

This resource includes detailed instructions for setup, visuals, labels, and directions for use for 22 work tasks. These activities include prevocational and academic tasks all geared towards your higher level learners. It’s a perfect combo of a little bit of everything to get those guys busy, busy, busy!

Click through the slider <<<<<< to see all the tasks included!

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