Before I went on maternity leave – I stressed. I stressed about the sub not being able to find masters for important templates and papers. I stressed about behavior plans being followed. I stressed about the bizillion IEPs I had to write. But mostly I stressed about the fact that my class was super understaffed. Less staff = more independent work. It’s not ideal. It’s not what I want. But it’s the situation we were dealt. I wanted to make sure my kids had a big variety of independent work to keep them busy and engaged especially while I was gone. My higher functioning learners fly through independent work because they are so dang smart.

I made this set of Advanced Literacy Sorts exactly with them in mind and boy am I glad I did! These sorts are amazing because they are challenging, they expand my kiddos’ knowledge, they need to use the iPad to research the answers to some of there, and they require no redoing at the end (the BEST part – just swoop into the baggie and go!).

There are 7 different types of sorts included each with 5 versions and a coordinating worksheet. Check them out:


Check out the video preview and see every page of this great resource! This one has seriously been a lifesaver 🙂

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