Including Art, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science and Work Tasks

Easy Academic Based Work Tasks

This month we've been chatting all about academic based independent work. Maybe your students are working on foundational skills and you're thinking the concept of incorporating academics into work tasks doesn't seem feasible. Today I'm going to let my photos do the...

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Day and Month File Folder Activities

In this endeavor towards academic based independent work we want to target all areas of our needs for our students. We also want to make sure learning is functional - especially for our older kids. I hear teachers all of the time getting frustrated because they don't...

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True & False Turkeys {freebie}

One of my favorites Freebies I ever made is True & False Turkeys. We loved it so much that I decided turkeys are appropriate year-round. I’m sure we can all commiserate about the ever increasing testing demands that even impact our students with the highest needs....

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Leveled Daily Curriculum

Creating curriculum is basically a second full time job. I am advocating for second salaries for sped teachers but no such luck quite yet. Creating materials that are aligned to each students' needs, utilizing assessments, taking data, sequencing skills, and making...

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