Language Arts

Independent Literacy Work

In order to have those beautiful small group guided reading groups we talked about - you are going to NEED to have a healthy dose of independent work or paraprofessional run centers for your kids to do when they aren't with you. This is really KEY to this whole system...

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Functional Sight Words

When you read the phrase "sight words" you can probably barely finish that s sound before you mind instantly thinks Dolch and Fry. Maybe if you are new to the literacy world you think Dolch and Fry is some delicious sounding cooking technique that makes the world's...

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Making Emerging Writing Fun

I think a lot of us have this kid in our classrooms or on our caseload. He may be cooperative and willing to work on most tasks but the second he even sees a pencil that may hint at a writing task he is escape behavior city. Some kids find writing SO aversive. Your...

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