Visuals are your best friend for a wide range of academics concepts in your class. Remember why we are using visuals and get ready to plop them into all of your academic instruction. Check out my favorite anchor charts (& why I LOVE using anchor charts), visual directions for academic tasks, and some sample of using visuals to illustrate academic concepts below:

Visual Directions

Anchor Charts

Anchor charts are my jam. Anchor charts teach something immensely important – problem solving skills. You will not be in your students’ lives forever to answer every single question they have and help them through every unknown situation. So instead of trying to teach them every potential issue they may run into – you can teach them how to find the answer themselves. Reference the room instead of referencing you. This is a great system to increase independence and scaffold our students to work on harder and more complex skills!


Quick Tip

Take a photo of a finished activity for a quick and easy anchor chart. Student matches to finished sample photo!

Academic Concepts

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