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Why You Need Schedules in Your Classroom

Why You Need Schedules in Your Classroom

We are constantly talking about schedules, schedules, schedules. What’s the big whoop? Why are schedules so important for children with autism? And why are they a must-have for your classroom? Is there some secret schedule cult you haven’t been invited to... read more
Making Your Classroom Structure Work

Making Your Classroom Structure Work

Make your structure work for you! After you have set up an amazingly structured classroom – it’s time to utilize that structure. Use all of the wonderful division you have created for storage, seating, and the tools that help your classroom run smoothly!... read more
Applying Structure to the General Education Classroom

Applying Structure to the General Education Classroom

Not everyone is in a self-contained room. Maybe you are a resource teacher, clinician, parent of a child the inclusion setting, general ed teacher, or your work in co-teaching model. Or maybe you want to get your student ready for more inclusion. Providing physical... read more
Classroom Structure: Why Is It Important?

Classroom Structure: Why Is It Important?

We hear about classroom structure all the time. For many of us it becomes like second nature. We seem to innately create little cave-like alcoves in our classroom when setting up whether we mean to our not. But let’s stop for a minute and think about it –... read more
Summer Series:  Clinician Collaboration

Summer Series: Clinician Collaboration

As we continue to work on our classroom setup another area to remember is Clinician Collaboration.   This is such a critical factor that we sometimes forget to plan from the start of the school year.  Many of our students have speech therapy, occupational therapy,... read more
How to Keep Track of All That Special Ed Paperwork

How to Keep Track of All That Special Ed Paperwork

Teacher Binder I wish I could bring this organization obsession home with me but I sometimes can’t. My classroom is WAY more organized than my home.  I’ve been on all time organizing high lately. I think it’s because with our case loads are getting... read more
How to Get Your Classroom Centers Started

How to Get Your Classroom Centers Started

You know I love a good list and now it’s time to get a list together of the classroom centers you need. Now just to be clear – this isn’t a wish list and this isn’t an “if-I-build-it-it-will-come” situation. You know the size of... read more

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Setting Up a an Easy-to-Use Program Binder

A program binder will guide your instruction and help you keep track of both academic and behavioral data. However, there is a lot that needs to go into one binder and the organization can be challenging. If you have a high-needs student, you cannot waste time trying... read more

Classroom Schedules

You need loads of schedules for your class. I have schedules coming out of my ears. You need a student detailed schedule, an adult detailed schedule, and schedules for your students. You should have a schedule for each child in your classroom. Just do it. Don’t... read more

Ultimate Guided Reading Resource for Special Education

I made this massive resource a few weeks ago but haven’t had a chance to post about it yet! I absolutely love teaching reading. I think literacy for children with autism is an extremely under-researched area with very limited supports, curriculum, and resources.... read more

FAQ: Dealing with Aggression

Welcome to a week long (or more!) set of posts dedicated to your frequently asked questions. I pulled these reoccurring themes from emails, comments, and facebook. If a bunch of people have the same concern – there are probably more of you too! Figured I’d... read more

Life Skills Room

The Life Skills Room is one of those things that has been looming near the bottom of my to do list for weeks now. We had partially set it up – enough for some of our kids to use on a daily basis – but it wasn’t set up to my OCD like standards. We... read more